An organized kitchen – Step 2 – Kids Drawer

Last week I organized underneath my sink.  It has made such a difference.  I love being able to see exactly what is in there.  I am proud to say it still looks like my after picture.

This week I have been working on a few different areas of my kitchen.  It’s hard for me to just work on one when I have to move things from one cabinet to another to make room and organize.  I was focusing on the kid’s cabinet.  I wanted it to be a place the kids could go to be more independent and not have to grab a stool to *try to reach a cup or bowl.   My daughter is 6 1/2, my older son is 5 and my youngest son is almost 2.  They all love to be independent and they are really loving their new drawer.  Even the baby goes and gets me the top to his cup after he’s asked for milk.  So cute to see them all growing up (although I’ve shed a few tears over this as well).

I had a container in my pull-out drawer that kept all of my lids in place.  This is what the drawer looked like before:

_MG_4649 blog

I know, not horrible, but the space wasn’t being used like I envisioned it.  The lids were really just sitting there collecting dust.  I took out all of the regular Tupperware and their lids out.

_MG_4651 blog _MG_4652 blog

I don’t use lids very often when I am cooking and when I do it’s usually on about 3 of them.  I decided to move the lids to one of my Lazy Susan to make room for more kid stuff.  I used that bin to keep cups and lids for my kid’s cups.  Now they can get their own drink of water without my help.  Yay!  The other bin is for bowls, plates, and Tupperware lids.  Also in this drawer are lunch containers.   My plan is for this to be the “lunch prep” drawer.  Everything you need to get that lunch packed.

This is what my new drawer looks like now:


J14A7610 blog

J14A7606 blog

Then underneath this drawer is another pull-out drawer.  I kept this the same for now.  It’s where I keep my pots and pans.  I use most of them daily.  I may move the less used ones to another spot.

I used this organizing time to clean too.  I wiped down the bins and the bottom of the drawers for a fresh start.  It feels good to be clean and organized.  Now I have to get everyone on the same page as to where everything goes.  My husband has already been caught putting the kid’s cups back in the high “adult” cabinet when unloading the dishwasher.  Labeling might help…….

I am feeling more ready to school every day!

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