Green Smoothie Ice Pops


This is my little guy.  He’s a month away from being two.  In this picture he is eating a Green Smoothie Ice Pop!  For the last few months I have been making myself a green smoothie most mornings.  They are typically the same most mornings (yep once I find one I like I stick to it).  Here is my typical morning smoothie:

  1. A handful of greens (Kale, Spinach, and most recently Collard Greens).  Usually I buy them fresh and they go right into the blender from the fridge.  Occasionally I will use frozen if I don’t happen to have anything fresh.
  2. Almond Milk, plain and unsweetened to cut down on calories (the one I have now is Almond Breeze).
  3. Frozen fruit (usually a handful of pineapple.  Sometimes BJ’s Wholesale has a nice mix of pineapple, peaches, and grapes)
  4. A ripe banana (frozen or right from the fruit basket.
  5. Chia Protein Powder (approximately a tsp. or two), or Ground Flax Seed.
  6. Honey to sweeten

Green smoothies are so good for you and really don’t take long to make once you get used to the ingredients and what kinds you really like.  I often have a bit left in my blender that I hate to waste, so I started pouring the rest into Silicone Ice Pop Makers.  They look like this: J14A7615 blog

Drew had two for lunch today.  Who knew he’d pick the green smoothie over the peanut butter and jelly I also gave him.   I was so proud and felt so good he was having greens.  I will now be giving him these daily until he gets tired of them and then I’ll make him a new flavor.  These ice pop makers are great.  I’ve heard that you can also send a smoothie to school with your kids in these handy containers and by lunch the smoothie will be partially defrosted and ready to eat.  The only problem we ran into was that the pop would slip back down inside the silicone so that my son was unable to figure out how to keep it sticking out long enough to eat.  I solved the problem by bending the bottom of the pop and wrapping a produce elastic (the kind that comes wrapped around your asparagus) around the bottom.  This worked like a charm and he was happy with my solution.

How do you get your kids/babies to eat their greens?  I love hearing other parent’s ideas!

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