Who am I and why am I here?

J14A6338-2 46Welcome! Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Katey, I live on the East Coast.  I am a 30 something mom to three kids (7, 5, and  2) and have been married for 8 wonderful years to my hubby who is a teacher.  I work part time for my father as a photographer.  Here is the website if you are interested in seeing what we do: http:// http://www.capephotographer.com.  This blog is an outlet for myself (and I hope others will like it!).  It’s also a way to hold myself accountable for what I say I am going to do!  I am on a journey to become a more organized person, mom and wife.  With three little kids, my house has become disorganized and until recently (the past few months), I had been too exhausted to do much about it.  I am now sleeping well, eating well, and feeling great.  I think now is a good time to take on clutter, finances, and everything else that been dreaming about doing.  You can see my old blog here; http://www.lovetolivelife.blogspot.com .  I am obsessed with eating healthy and keeping my family safe and away from products and food that harm our bodies.  We are trying to eat as many whole foods as possible and learn to cook healthier meals.  I hope that my readers enjoy what I have to share and learn something positive to incorporate into their own lives.  I love reading blogs and learn a little something from every one that pulls me in.  Please comment, it would make my day and I need all of the motivation I can get!

I am also starting a new journey and have become a coach for Shakeology!  I am waiting for the package to come in the mail, but I’ve ordered the 21 Day Fix.  I will be sharing my weight loss and clean eating journey with you.  I will be posting my before and after pictures (Eeek!).  If you would like to join me, here is my website: http://www.teambeachbody.com/kateythompson . We can learn together!

Thanks for visiting!  Enjoy!


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