Back to School – Saying Goodbye to Summer

The kids are in bed.  Tomorrow starts a new school year.  E  is starting first grade and B is starting Kindergarten.  These last two weeks have been filled with travel and preparations for the new school year.  We went to visit friends in Connecticut and just got home from New Hampshire where we visited our college friends.  There is nothing quite like catching up with old friends.  It’s amazing to see many of them as parents as well.  One minute we are partying together at college and the next we are watching our children play together while we try to chat about life. 

I have been trying to slow down and take it all in.  I think that just being in the moment is so important sometimes.  We are all so busy in our every day lives that we are constantly connected to our phones, computers, and televisions, Ipads and/or tablets.  Last weekend I just sat and watched butterflies with my kids.  I was just in awe at the beauty of these creatures.  I had never seen so many at one time.  Where we live in Massachusetts, I think I see one a week if we are lucky.  When we woke up at my friend’s new home and looked out the window to butterflies and hummingbirds having their breakfast, I was in utter disbelief.  It was incredible.  I also have a new camera, which I was so thankful I brought on my trip.  It’s the new Canon 5D Mark III.  I love it!  Aren’t these butterflies just beautiful?  My plan is to print a few on canvas for my friends as a housewarming present (along with a canvas of each of their kids).  I am so in love with these pictures that I think I may print a few for myself.ImageImageImageImage

So with the kids back at school, I plan to do lots more blogging.  I have been searching through new blogs looking for a few more to nominate for the Leibster Award, so please comment if you have less than 200 followers for your blog and I will check it out.  That post will be published soon.

Summer is gone and I’m so excited for Fall to arrive!